Abnormal Psychology




Present the scope and content of your paper in a PowerPoint presentation format. It is recommended that the presentation be created in Microsoft PowerPoint (commonly used presentation software) and enhanced with visual images or even your voice narration.


No matter the format of the presentation, the paper should be the basis for it. It must contain relevant, scholarly resources. The research, organization, and presentation in addition to the quality of the paper and presentation will be the basis for evaluation.


The following is some advice for you to think about while developing your final presentation:

-You should use PowerPoint (or something similar) to create your presentation.

-Use the same format as you used in your paper as far as headings are concerned. You should summarize your paper in this presentation – it shouldn’t be the entire text of your paper posted in a PowerPoint presentation. Shoot for 2-3 slides for each position including your own. Don’t forget to include the proposal for an experimental study.

-Cite your sources on your “position” slides and on a final “references” slide.

-As stated in the instructions, you should have either appropriate graphics or your voice over the top of the slides; it shouldn’t be a presentation full of only text.

-Keep it entertaining – graphics are good when they are appropriate and professional looking.

-Use a nice background with text that is easy to read on whatever background you pick.

-Make sure there are no spelling or other writing-related mistakes in the presentation.





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