Assignment: Your Revolutionary Spirit: Rutgers at 250 years

Assignment: Your Revolutionary Spirit: Rutgers at 250 years

(500-600 words)


Just like our brothers and sisters who came before us at Rutgers, we too are revolutionaries. We are creating and learning –and struggling – in a new kind of community- an online learning community made for 21st century living, working, sharing, learning, and at times, even laughing.

We may not be General George Washington’s chief cartographer at age 24, or a multi-talented lawyer, singer, and football player like Paul Robeson, or the first female Judge Advocate General of the US Army like LTG Flora D. Darpino, but we are still revolutionaries in our own right, each and every one of us, and we’re making progress every day in the pursuit of our dreams.


Watch the short anniversary film, (Links to an external site.) and be inspired by the many talented people who share the Rutgers experience with you.

For this final and comprehensive journal reflection, discuss the ways as a student in this class, you show your revolutionary spirit. What did you do, say, write, reflect on, and/or study in the text or with your group that helped grow your revolutionary spirit? Link your reflection in a comprehensive assessment of your growth experiences in this class and several (at least two) of the featured alumni in the film.

This site might be helpful:

and by this class they mean organizational behavior so whom ever was doin my previous work would know

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