Career Essay

After reading and reflecting on “A Summer’s Day” by Mary Oliver, you will write an essay that answers her question, “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?”  Your essay will focus on your career choice and why you’ve chosen it.

  1. Resources
    1. Your self-assessment
    2. Your research
  2. Activity
    1. Compose an essay that answers the question. To do this effectively, your essay should address the following
      1. What do you want to DO. Don’t just give me a job title (though that’s helpful and good), talk about the duties and/or activities
      2. Support why this is a good choice with facts and/or data from your self-assessments and research
    2. To compose an essay that can not only serve you in your other career classes but support your career pursuits, consider the following points:
      1. There is no right answer for what you want to do so your answer to that question will not be evaluated.  What will be evaluated is whether you state a specific activity or career and the data and information you use to support your answer;
      2. Business professionals do not develop action plans based on gut feelings or emotions.  Your decisions and support should be based on facts drawn from careful research and analysis.  Please review the Assignments titled “Self-Assessment” and “Research” to review the data available for you to consider;
      3. Don’t talk about what you “think,” focus on what you “know” and what you will “do;”
      4. For information regarding essay structure, content, and composition, please visit the University Writing Center:  You can also schedule a consultation to have your work reviewed.  You do not need to cite sources or turn in a works cited page.
    3. Essay Formatting
      1. Minimum one page, maximum two pages; single spaced
      2. This is a “persuasive” (argumentative) essay – to understand how this type of essay should be formatted, please consult (Links to an external site.);
      3. Completely answer all parts of the question (What do you want to do? Why do you want to do that?)
      4. Once you state your answer, support it with facts drawn from your individual research. Papers that do not support their thesis/argument with objective information or fail to reflect the student’s research
      5. All essays are automatically reviewed by for plagiarism. Please review the Course Syllabus section on “Academic Dishonesty” for details.
  3. Assessment
    1. Copy and Post your Essay in the text box – Assignment: Career Project Essay
    2. Essays are graded manually by actual people who read them, give us some time to get through them all before you start asking about your grade
    3. All essays are evaluated by for originality. Please read and understand the course syllabus section on Academic Dishonesty.
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