Case Study analysis on GOOGLE INC.

Title: case study analysis

Format: Harvard

Sources: 10

Pages: Double Spaced

Words: 1000 words


Assessment Task 1:Individual Case Analysis (10%)


1)    Assessment Details

The objective of the assessment task is to develop your ability to:

  • analyse sources and routes to superior performance,
  • to apply strategic management theories and concepts to practical situations, and
  • develop skills in research, critical thinking and analysis


Read the Case Study ‘Google Inc.: What’s the Corporate Strategy’which is available in course Moodle site. Guided by issues in the case and your understanding of the principles of strategy and management of change, you are expected to provide written response to the following questions:

Question 1: Analyse the competitive nature of the industry in which Google operates. Do you think Google’s resources and capabilities have the potential to create value in the future? How could Google sustain its competitive advantage?

Question 2: Discuss the strategic challenges that Google experienced in implementing its corporate strategy. Based on previous experience of diversification, what criteria would you suggest Google should consider to guide its future diversification decisions?

Length:        1000 words, Weight 10%


2)    Criteria used to grade this task


Criteria for assessment of the case analysis are given on the sample feedback sheet on the next page. The graded case analyses will be returned by week 5 (in block mode, 2 weeks after submission)



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