Chinese traditional political thoughts related to democracy

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Topic: Chinese traditional political thoughts related to democracy
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Paper details: On the basis of what we have studied this quarter, evaluate the validity of the following assertion expressing a view widely shared by American scholars policy makers in accordance with the instructions that follow it: “China, Japan, indeed most societies in the Asia-Pacific have poor prospects of achieving authentic, vibrant democratic polities, because of the legacy of their Confucian philosophical tradition, with its emphasis on authority, hierarchy, order, the supremacy of the collectivity over the individual. In short, their philosophical traditions simply offer no basis for democracy.” Make an argument in support of or against this claim by ing three schools of thought or thinkers (Confucius Mencius may be treated together in the context of a single school, but with specific  PS113B Chinese Japanese Political Thought Final Paper Assignment – Winter 2016 Page 2 reference to each), one of which must be one of the schools of Buddhist thought covered in the latter half of the course. Your choices are 1. Confucius Mencius (must choose) 2. Xunzi 3. Mozi 4. Legalists (Han Feizi, Li Si) Buddhism (1 to be ed from the following numbered 5-6): 5. Mahayana Buddhism in China (excluding Chan Buddhism) 6. Chan /or Zen School Your essay must treat each of the following points: 1. What is the Socratic myth (or 1 or more possibilities thereof offered by Buddhism) legitimating the body politic its leadership 2. What provision does the myth make or imply for political change 3. What role do “the people” play in that provision? In making your argument, be sure to give adequate consideration to address seriously the possible reservations that critics might hold concerning your argument. You may find it helpful to consult the guidelines on writing a paper that I posted to the class site. When you have finished, reread your paper to be sure that you have addressed at least three schools /or thinkers that you have followed all the instructions above before submitting your paper. Then run spell-check grammar check before submitting your paper. please cite from only these two books: 1. W.E.Smoothill. The Lotus of the Wonderful Law Press. 2004 2. Chan, Wing-Tsit. A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1963. Print.
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