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Topic:choose one from the topic suggestions
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Details:Essay Write a substantiation, evaluation, or recommendation argument. Be sure that you have sufficient supporting detail to prove your argument. Topic Select a topic based on the exercises you completed in Units 1-3, or from a subject you are studying now or from a topic of interest. See List below. You may choose to frame a thesis based on your readings in the text. A good topic would probably be something that is interesting to you. Topic suggestions: advertising, technology, the environment, poverty, crime, ecology, music (rap, punk, classical etc. – but you must use academic sources), a famous person, feminism, political issues, pet therapy, music therapy, communication, philosophy, breakthroughs in technology and/or medicine, art and architecture, human rights, historical topics, human trafficking, current issues in the news, inventions in science, the United Nations….If you are unsure of your topic, check with me. If you have difficulty choosing a topic, or are uncertain as to how to proceed, and if you have read the pertinent sections in the lessons, feel free to contact me for suggestions. Be careful to apply what you have learned so far. Pay attention to development of your thesis. Examine your paragraphs for adequate supporting detail. Apply what you have learned doing the STAR test. You must do research. In a short paper such as this, 3-5 sources are adequate. When you are quoting or paraphrasing a source, use proper documentation. Look in The Student Writer, pages 406 – 453 for examples of the proper way to use documentation and to cite references for MLA and APA styles. Each assertion you make should have proof – quotes, statistics, facts etc. to back it up. Guidelines: This is an academic essay so avoid personal proofs and personal pronouns (I, you, we). Use academic sources – such as journals, books and scholarly on line sources. (Go to the Leddy Library on line and search ERIC; Google has a scholar search function also). Personal experience is not to be included. Newspaper articles and Wikipedia are not strong academic proof. Remember to revise and proofread your assignment before submitting it: • If your thesis is a substantiation claim, see the revision checklist in section 7.10 of Lesson 7. • If your thesis is an evaluation claim, see the revision checklist in section 8.19 of Lesson 8. • If your thesis is a recommendation claim, see the revision checklist in section 9.9 of Lesson 9. Length: Your paper should be from 4 to 5 double-spaced typed pages in length.

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