Corruption an international challenge

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Topic:corruption an international challenge
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Details:It has to be an argumentative paper, explaining basically how international corruption can be happening and the end it with how it can be stop. the thesis should be based on forms of corruption, sectors affected by corruption, ethical views of corruption and how to stop corruption.This essay should follow these requirements : · Use short burst quotes of 5-7 word phrases integrated into the body of your own sentences ONLY. · Use Times New Roman font (12 point). · Use 1-inch margins all around. · Paginate your paper as indicated in the example. · Double-space the body text and use (.5) indention to indicate a new paragraph. · Use APA citation style. You will use in-text references and a Reference Page. · Be sure to include a cover page. · Sources can come from the library, eLibrary databases, scholarly journals and magazines,, or Google Scholar (not Google).

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