Critique of a Nursing research article

ique of a Nursing research article

Assessment item is to Critique of a Research Article and have included the artical and web link below:
McCalla-Graham, J., & De Gagne, J.,C. (2015). The lived experience of new graduate nurses working in an acute care setting. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 46(3), 122-128. doi:

It’s Value is worth 50% of my grade for this subject. It is also 2500 word long with 12 references to be use but can be to 15 if needed.

You will submit a critique that critically appraises ONE research article from the list in your Interact site. This critique should be written in essay format and should include:

• A short discussion that highlights the value of research to nursing in general and the impact that research in the area of your chosen article makes to nursing and Evidence Based practice. (approx 500 words); and

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