Direct and Indirect Conflict Management Strategies

Direct and Indirect Conflict Management Strategies

One sign of workplace (and life) behavioral maturity is knowing when to use a particular conflict management strategy. Ideally, we strive to become well-versed in all conflict management strategies so that we can make a sound decision about what technique is appropriate to use for a given situation.

As we learned in Ch 10, there are different strategies and different times when each might be appropriate. Chapter 10 explains four (4) Indirect Conflict Management Strategies and three (3) Direct Conflict Management Strategies.

Discuss situations in your own life (business preferred) where you have used 2 of the Indirect strategies and 2 of the Direct strategies. CLEARLY LABEL each of the four paragraphs with the name of the strategy you are discussing. (Be sure to tie your discussion to chapter content, as always. Show that you understand the strategy and how it is applied.)

Submit 4 paragraphs, each with a header naming the strategy discussed.

Word count range for this assignment: 500-600.

log into my chegg account to access the book for the reading, the book is called organizational behavior.

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