Executive Summary

assignment Executive Summary assumes that the reader will not read the entire report or book; therefore, you must take him/her through every part of the book.  Just summarizing the general purpose is an Abstract, not an Executive Summary!

Write an Original Executive Summary of a book YOU HAVE NOT READ BEFORE, it must be over 125 pages long, chosen from books that cover any of the management topics (Leadership, Organizing, Planning, Coaching, Strategy, etc.), if you have questions ask me for approval first.


Books you have read or reported on for other classes is considered Academic Dishonesty and will be handled according to University Policy. A zero for the assignment will be given up to failure in the course. Under no circumstances may you use “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” By Dale Carnegie.


Summaries are single-spaced with spaces between paragraphs.  You must use headings that distinguish the different parts of the book.


The summary should not ramble.


Be succinct and get to the point, the summary must be 6 to 10 pages long.  Appropriate grammar, spelling, use of titles/headings, etc. will be expected.



I will be looking at the following aspects when I grade your Executive Summaries:

  • Content.  You should summarize the key points for all important sections.  The main conclusions should be included.  There should be no new information included—only what is included in the original book or report. Copying from external sources is strongly prohibited and will be severely penalized.


The final paragraphs of the Summary will require you to  reflect on what you have learned by reading the book, what elements you plan to implement, how you intend to execute what you have learned and how it will aid you both now and in the future as a manager and leader.  (35%). 

  • Organization.  The summary should follow the main points of the book in the order in which they originally appear.  There should be subheadings so that the reader can clearly know how the book or report is divided. (35%)


  • Mechanics.  Appropriate headings should be used, and there should be no grammar or spelling error.  Use single spacing with 1’ margins, using justified block text which provides crisp edges on both sides of the margin.  It looks more professional and polished.  Summaries are written in block style (that means no indentation) with spaces between paragraphs.  Your writing should be clear and consist of short, concise paragraphs.  Writing should be simple, avoiding jargon, acronyms, and technical terms.  The summary must not ramble. (30%)


Please click on “Dropbox-Exec Summary” on the left menu to submit the assignment



Entitle it, “Book Title-ES-YOUR_LAST_NAME.”  Please have it in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format only. 

Executive Summary Paper Due Sunday, 4/24 @ 11:30 p.m.

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