Family Systems

Essay 1 Instructions

Family Systems

Explain in detail (using your readings/presentations from this module/week to support what you say) the relationship between family systems and healthy development. How can one discern a healthy family system? What are the determining factors that distinguish healthy family systems? Discuss the effects of an unhealthy family system on development. Give details on family systems and how they affect physical (neural), emotional, spiritual, and social development.


Make sure to support everything you report with at least 2–3 current APA citations and then a reference page at the end. Review the Essay Grading Rubric before submitting. Your paper must be at least 600 words as close to 600 words as possbile



Essay Grading Rubric

Criteria Points Possible Points


Introduction 0 to 5 points

·      Is there a clear thesis statement? What is the topic you are going to address?

·      Does the introduction provide a clear overview of the paper’s contents?

Content 0 to 25 points

·      Are the issues raised in the topic properly treated?

·      Are differing viewpoints considered, analyzed, and treated?

·      Is the analysis thorough?

·      Is the 600-word word count met?

Conclusion 0 to 5 points

·      Does the conclusion offer a good summary of issues treated in the paper?

·      Does the conclusion offer suggestions for further study?



0 to 5 points

·      Does the bibliography contain at least 2–3 scholarly sources?

·      Are materials properly cited and quoted in current APA style?

·      Are the sources less than 7 years old?

Structure 0 to 5 points

·      Are the transitions between paragraphs and sections clear?

·      Are proper headings used?

·      Is the treatment of the topic logically oriented?

Style 0 to 5 points

·      Does the paper use current APA format correctly?

·      Is the paper without spelling and grammatical errors?

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