Marriage and family paper super easy!




Using the information below you will create a family.  You will choose your family design, structure, and lifestyle.  You will decide the problems that befall your family and how they deal with them. You may use your own family if you want, or you can create the family of your future or your dreams


All families will have the same income level of $30,000 gross per year as family income.  This is designed not only to teach about family makeup and what goes on in a family but how a family survives and meets its needs with an income that is considered significantly higher than poverty level for a family of four. You will present a formal and detailed budget for this assignment.


All families must include at least one child under the age of 10.  This is designed to make you think about day care and what parents have to worry about each day with regard to young children.  All of our discussion topics will help guide you through this process.


Your current family circumstances must be taking place in 2015.  No time traveling or space alien families will be allowed.

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