human development

Go to YouTube and search the topic of “twin babies laughing at each other.” Take a look at a couple of different videos showing twin toddlers interacting. Even if you cannot view the video, express your opinion on the following questions. Do you believe twin toddlers can actually communicate with each other; even when they are babbling? Do they understand each other? How do infants communicate before they are able to speak their first word? Share specific examples from your own experience.


How do you suppose the social, cultural, and educational impact of learning a second language or being raised as a child in a bilingual home affects a child’s development? Support your thoughts and considerations with either personal experience or information you have read in your textbook, on the internet from an educational or national organization site, and/or from national or local news sources.


Adolescence is a time of transition from childhood to adulthood; from parental reliance to peer influence to autonomy. Is this transition easier or harder than it was 10-20 years ago? What do you think is the most influential factor (external or internal) in this transition from teenager to young adult today?



Imagine that your boss has called you into her office at 4:00 pm. She apologizes for the late notice—her day has been crazy—and tells you that she believes you would be an excellent candidate for the management trainee program the company offers. She has scheduled you for an interview for the position at 8:00 am the very next morning. You leave the office in a daze and then your mind begins racing. What physical effects do you think this situation would have on your body? Everyone handles stress differently and in your unit this week you will learn about ways to look at stress. Psychologists, A. Lazarus and S. Folkman propose that people move through two stages of experiencing stress—primary appraisal and secondary appraisal. Using the scenario above, at first glance how would you personally assess the implications of this situation: As positive, negative, or neutral? At second glance, how would you go about handling this interview? Would you consider the above situation stressful? Why, or why not.

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