intro to theatre

watch this live theatre link i send

What to do: Basically, just go out and see some live theater since we can\’t do that watch the one that I sent through the link.
Extra credit post: In the body of the post, start by listing the pertinent information for the performance (title, theater, director etc.). Then just take a few minutes to say a couple affirmative things about your experience, including enough context for everyone to know what you\’re talking about. I\’m looking for reflection more than analysis, but that doesn\’t mean you can\’t do both. Also, this isn\’t to imply that you can\’t do constructive critique, or that you can\’t be funny. I simply want to see evidence that you made a personal, specific effort to make something, anything, out what you saw, even if it was an appallingly bad piece of theater. In any case, this doesn’t need to be long. But just a couple of short, substantive paragraphs should suffice.
start by writing \” i saw_ this semester. In the blank put the name of the play.

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