1.Describe a learning context of interest—for example, learning a foreign language, studying for an exam, or remembering names at a party. Feel free to use an example from one of the other assessments in the course. Describe the types of memory and learning involved and the memory and learning problems involved (for instance, problems with memory such as forgetting, amnesia, and the tip-of-the-tongue effect). Write up a case study where two people learn and experience a learning situation differently. Note that you can contrast circumstances involving memory deficits and also circumstances of exceptional performance.

2.Find at least three peer-reviewed research articles that help you understand individual learning differences. In other words, how could the result change due to individual differences such age, gender, or culture? Summarize these sources. Apply the scholarship you have found to explain how the individuals in your case study learn and remember differently. Describe the methods and measures used in research that seeks to understand individual learning differences.


3. How would you apply the knowledge you have gained regarding individual differences and learning and memory in your personal or professional life?

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