Nickel and Dimed by Ehrenreich and The Working Poor by Shipler. The review

You are to read Nickel and Dimed  by Ehrenreich and The Working Poor by Shipler. The review should be approximately 7 to 8 pages of content.  You will be graded on the depth of content discussed and upon your critical analysis of that content.  Provide your thinking in regards to statements you make. Writing style, punctuation, grammar and organization are also important. Use APA style for the paper.


Please use the following organization for your paper (Use the headings in BOLD below and the NUMBER of the question you are answering. Do not write out the question).  You must answer all of the questionsunder both the Impact and Specific Questions Sections. Your review is to address the following:


  1. Discuss your reaction to reading these books.
  2. What impact did each book have on your thinking?
  3. What experiences of the people described in the books did you most identify with and why?
  4. Discuss what you learned and how this material impacts social policy?
  5. Which of the two books did you enjoy reading the most? (Explain)

Specific Questions

  1. When people have problems we tend to blame the individual for the poor decision (s) they made and place the consequences on their bad choices in life.  Discuss to what extent you feel the people in this book should be blamed for their situations or to what extent should blame be placed on employers and other forces in the environment.
  2. In order to avoid the struggles of the people you read about in the books, what would you propose as your top solutions (Be specific and explain your reasoning)?
  3. Were your perceptions of blue-collar Americans transformed or reinforced these books?  Have your notions of poverty and prosperity changed since reading the book?  What about your treatment of waiters, maids or salespeople?
  4. After reading the books, do you think that having a job –any job – is better than no job at all? (explain your reasoning)  Did this book make your feel angry?  Better informed? Relieved that finally someone has described your experience? Galvanized you to do something?
  5. Given the level of wages and lack of benefits that many American’s have, what role if any should state or federal government have in assisting people?
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