Organizational Behavior: Team work

Organizational Behavior: Team work
First, study Chapter 8, including the Figures.

Then, think of a team that you were a part of that clicked really well – you accomplished your goals and, even if there were differences, you worked well together (a team you are currently a part of is OK too). The preference here would be to choose a work team, but if you have never worked or feel your type of work is not suitable for this example, then choose a civic, sports, or religious team.

Answer these questions (about 3-5 sentences for each question is enough):

Briefly describe the team that will serve as the basis for your responses in this activity. What was the problem, or project that brought you together?
Think about the roles various people played in the team dynamics as you worked together as described in your text. Describe what kinds of roles various people took in the project team and its impact on team performance (change names to protect anonymity).
Describe the team task and maintenance contributions.
What kind of norms, as described in your text, did your team experience? How?
Study Figure 8.5 and read the accompanying text. Then, describe the interaction patterns and characteristics of your team. What type network did you experience? Was this appropriate? Did the pattern change over time? Explain.
Teams make decisions in a variety of ways – some better than others – some more appropriate at certain times than others. Discuss the various ways your team made decisions (see Figure 8.6) and how well that worked.
How to be successful in this graded assignment:

Use the writing assignment rubric to guide your work. The goal here is to show your understanding of chapter concepts through application to a situation. Use the terms used in your text to show you understand the concept. Be sure to edit your post before submitting to ensure it is focused, clearly written, and answers the question in a direct manner.

Number your answers (1,2,3,4,5,6) and double-space your post. Points will be deducted for non-numbered submissions, questions collapsed together, single-spaced lines, or excessively long submissions. Rough estimate is 3 double-spaced pages (about 750 words). Make it easy for the reader (me!) to enjoy and grade your responses.

WARNING! Do not copy from the text or the Internet without citing the work correctly.

See: Rutgers Library tab on left navigation panel on the course Home page. Click on HRM research, then choose the tab Writing & Citing.

Also, two links to APA citation methods are included in your syllabus under Academic Integrity. Use these.

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