organizational behavior: Trader Joe’s Keeps Things Fresh

Read: Case 1A: Trader Joe’s Keeps Things Fresh

To find the case: go to chegg and my etextbook is there.
Then click on the organizational behavior textbook. make sure to read the right case.

Go to chegg then Chapter 1, then Steps to Further Learning or OB Skills Workbook and then Cases for Critical Thinking.


Chapter One introduced you to the major concepts in organizational behavior.

Answer the following questions thoroughly. Be specific. Be certain to clearly show your chapter learning. Edit your work for clarity of understanding, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The correct use of standard written English is expected in all work in this course. (Do not rewrite the questions, just use the question number 1, 2, 3.)


Explain, using specific case examples, how each of the four major responsibilities in the management process: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling, are shown in the case. Be specific in your answer ensuring that it is clear you understand the individual management responsibility and how it is applied (used) in the case. (1 point for each management role)

Study Figure 1.5 and read the corresponding section on Mintzberg\’s ten roles of effective managers. Mintzberg is well-regarded in the mgmt field. (Here is another source for you to study: (Links to an external site.).) Cite a two specific examples, from the Trader Joe\’s case, where Interpersonal, Informational, and Decisional Roles are each displayed. (1 point for each role that includes 2 examples)

Read the sections on Ethical Management, Effective Leaders and Effective Followers. Then consider the following scenario, and respond to the question. Be certain to show your learning of these 3 chapter concepts. (1 point for each concept)
New employee situation: At the age of twenty-two and newly graduated from college, Hazel has just accepted a job with Trader Joe\’s as a shift leader. She\’ll be supervising four team members who fill part-time jobs in the produce section. Given Trader Joe\’s casual and nontraditional work environment, what should she do and avoid doing in the first few days of work to establish herself as a skillful manager of this team?

Bonus Q (1 point, Maximum 2 paragraphs): What have you learned about Organizational Behavior that you did not know before reading this chapter and how will it help you in your career?

In your analysis, be certain to clearly show your understanding of the chapter content. Remember, this is not just busy work or homework- this is also your learning assessment in the Module. Your responsibility is to make sure it is easy to see that you know the chapter content and can apply it correctly. Be clear, concise, and thorough. The correct use of standard written English is always part of your grade. Edit your work before submitting.

Submit your work like this:


Module 1

1. Planning:




2. Interpersonal:









3. Ethical Mgmt:

Effective Leadership:

Effective Followership:

4. Bonus Q (optional):

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