Organizational Culture and Innovation: Fortune Fastest Growing Women Businesses

Organizational Culture and Innovation: Fortune Fastest Growing Women Businesses
Chapter 15 in your text (Organizational Culture and Innovation)
Article: Fortune Fastest Growing Women Businesses. (Links to an external site.)
Note: If the above article asks you to pay, dont.

Google: \”2019 50 fastest growing women-owned organizations\” (without quotation marks) and you will be able to access a lot of information.

3. Press Release: (Links to an external site.)

Access your group’s assigned top 50 fastest growing women-owned business in this file: Group Company Assignments- SU2020- Mod 10.docxPreview the document

This company is your discussion case in which to apply the Organizational Culture chapter learnings. Use the internet and that company’s website to learn about their organizational culture (high level). As you read, think about the match or disconnect between what is on your firm’s website and what information you find on reliable news sites, as it pertains to their organizational culture. Use Chapter 15 as your guide for understanding the critical components of organizational culture.

Your one post should consist of a brief description of the organization you are assigned (no more than one paragraph, ie about 4 sentences) and then your choice of 3 key organizational culture factors discussed in your text. Clearly label the 3 distinct cultural factors. Compare those cultural factors as described in your text to what you are able to learn about your case firm. Discuss also how this company compares to more traditionally founded (male?) organizations.

Here are questions to prompt your thinking. Don’t answer them- Just let them help you get your juices flowing!

What kind of culture (as described in your text) exists in the top 50 company you were assigned? Are there subcultures? Countercultures? How does the organizational culture function? Are there differences between the observable and unobservable organizational culture that you have learned? How are decisions made? What organizational myths, sagas, rites, and rituals seem to exist there? How do the shared values compare to the text’s discussion of shared values? What are the firm’s ethics? Does their organizational culture seem to support those stated ethics? What else did you learn about organizational culture that seems pertinent to you when examining this firm? Did you find the company’s mission statement and goals or strategic plan? How is innovation treated in the company?

Note 1: Include links to your resources so that others can follow and comment thoughtfully on your work. Also, it is required for the assignment.

Note 2: Write and save a copy of your Discussion posts in another location (notes, MS Word, Google), so that you have a copy of your work backed up in case of accident or session time-out. This discussion post is limited to 500 words, so be thrifty with your word choices.

Note 3: As usual in this course, you must post your work first before you can see others\’ work or comment on their posts. Any attempt to open any discussion without first posting your own initial post work is not permitted.

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