Phase 4 Discussion Board

In Unit 3 of the course, you completed your first draft of your essay. This week, you will work on revising your essay based on this peer-review Discussion Board and on your own, using feedback you received from your instructor.

Primary Discussion Response

Choose 1 of your body paragraphs from the first draft you completed in Unit 3 that needs additional development, organizational help, or other revisions.

In the discussion area, post the following:

  • Revise the paragraph you selected using a critical eye and what you have learned in intellipath.
  • Under the revised paragraph, list 3–5 bullet points outlining the items you changed in the paragraph you posted. Specify what has been revised.
  • List any questions you have about the paragraph or any areas you feel still need to be strengthened.


Peer Responses

In your responses to 2 classmates, remember to be constructive and polite when you offer feedback. It is best to be specific. Consider the following:

  1. Is there a clear topic sentence? Does it make a claim? In what way is this topic sentence effective? If the topic sentence is not as effective as it could be, what suggestions do you have to make it more clear or better focused?
  2. Which details support the topic sentence? Identify any details that stray from the topic or need more explanation.
  3. As you read the paragraph, identify any areas where the details seem out of order or illogical.

Please note that this assignment is graded on completion. By completing your post with your revised paragraph and an explanation of revisions and a minimum of 2 detailed and thoughtful peer responses by the deadline, you will earn full credit.

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