Problem Solving

Discussion 1 – Explain in 100-150 Words

Why is problem solving considered the highest level of mental activity? What makes an individual skillful at solving problems? Explain your answer.

Discussion 2 – Explain in 100-150 Words

What is the most difficult step in the decision making process? Explain why.

Discussion 3 – Explain in 100-150 Words

Watch the “Make Up Your Mind” video located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.

Discuss the video.


Discussion 4 – Explain in 100-150 Words


Watch the “Sheena Iyengar- The Art of Choosing” video located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.

Discuss the video.


Discussion 5 – Explain in 100-150 Words


Reflect on the process associated with reasoning and discuss the following:

Consider the following choice. I will give you a free $5 bill, no strings attached. Optionally, I will allow you to flip a coin: heads you win $10, tails you win nothing. Do you want the $5, or do you want to flip the coin? What does expected value theory tell you that you should do? Does this accurately represent your feeling about the decision?


Discussion 6 – Explain in 100-150 Words

Problem Solving


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