research methodology


Think about something in psychology that you would be interesting in studying. We can use (Personality or Motivation ) Respond to the following in 50 to 75 words: Identify your research problem and describe it. What about this topic interests you? Part II – The Scientific Method Consider the scientific method and complete the following table explaining each step of the scientific method in your own words. Please use complete sentences to write 25 to 50 words describing each step. Step Description Formulate a testable hypothesis Select the research method and design the study Collect the data Analyze the data and draw conclusions Answer the following questions in about 75 to 100 words each: How would you use the scientific method in examining your research problem? Be sure to go over each step of the scientific method in your response. Which research methodology would you use to examine your research problem? Why? How is this research methodology different from the other methodologies in psychology? References Required

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