Secret to Great Communication

Secret to Great Communication
Do this assignment in this order to maximize learning and minimize repetition.

Listen to the podcast and/or read the transcript of this Knowledge@Wharton (K@W) interview: The Secret to Great Communication: Be Like Aristotle; Sept 18, 2018. (Links to an external site.)
Next, read Chapter 11 and /or watch the video lecture. Think about the K@W interview discussion points raised by Gallo as you read about the various communication concepts presented in Chapter 11.
Answer the following questions:
What is Gallo\’s main thesis of communication?
What do you suppose Gallo would say about managing cultural barriers for effective communications?
Consider the chapter sections on Communication in Organizational Contexts and Communication in Relational Contexts (242-251). How does Gallo promote, through his message, the importance of both organizational and relational aspects of communication? Be specific about what chapter concepts you assess as relevant and why.
If you had to give Gallo one piece of communication advice based on your understanding of chapter 11 concepts, what would it be and why? Word count range expected for this assignment (600-800).

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