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Details:1. Cover page – Research topic, your name, and name of the class and semester. 2. Body of the paper – (4-5 pages) Use subheadings throughout your paper, such as: Introduction; heading differentiating issues on the topic (i.e. headings related to sections of your topic, analysis and/or discussion; and a conclusion. For example, with the topic of cross-cultural teenage pregnancy you might use the headings: Introduction; Teen Pregnancy Demographics; Cross-Cultural Norms; Theoretical Perspectives; Analysis, and Conclusion. For the example of white-collar crime: Introduction; White Collar Crime Incidences; Functionalist Perspectives; Conflict Perspectives; Symbolic Interactionist Perspectives; Analysis of Perspectives, and; Conclusion. Headings help guide your readers in the direction of your thoughts or issues. 3. Works Cited (1-2 pages) – needs to be uniform by author in alphabetical order. Examples: Bartlett, Thomas. 2001. How Can This Be? Journal of Sociology, Vol. 6, No. 2: 430-450. Calvert, Roman; Simpson, Miles; and Vernon, Sylvia. 2001. Methods of Tranquility. University Press, New York. National Institute of Health. Teen Pregnancy in the ‘90’s. Fall, 2000. www.nih.org\\index\\pub445. REQUIRED NUMBER AND TYPE OF RESOURCES 1. Two (2) peer-reviewed sociological journal articles. This requires using the databases through the TCC Library for peer-reviewed journals. Databases such as Proquest, Academic Premiere Search/Ebscohost or Infotrac are the places to start. You will want to get the entire article (not just the abstract), therefore you will want to click the Full Text box in these databases and the Scholarly Journals box. It will take time to filter through articles to find the journal articles relevant to your topic and discuss sociological theories, so start early! See a list of possible sociological journals below. 2. Two (2) books. You should include your textbook as one of your books because you will want to use it to relate your topic to sociological concepts and theories you find in your other sources to what is in the textbook. 3.Two (2) reports/articles obtained from reputable organizations or governmental entities off the internet (dot orgs., gov’s, or edu’s.). You will need not only the site name listed in your Works Cited listing, but also the name of the article, the date you secured it, and the name of the organization. NO DOT.COM RESOURCE’S and/or Wikipedia, Ask.com, Help.comor other “non-academic†or non-professional websites/resources. Use the American or British Encyclopedia’s if necessary for definitions not found in the textbook, but not as one of your 6 required sources referenced above.

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