The Meaning of Being revolutionary from roughly 1789-1930

Student Learning Outcome: Global Perspective: valuing diversity, cultural competency

Discuss what it meant to be revolutionary from roughly 1789-1930. Compare and contrast three revolutions/revolutionaries based on geographical location, time period, cultural attitudes and behaviors, and interaction with people of other cultures.

Your essay must make use of at least 3 of the primary source readings in The Essential World History textbook and/or under files in Canvas used in this class.

Your essay must be typed, doubled-spaced, approximately 750-1000 words long. For citation and formatting specifics, use the Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines. Cite each primary source individually. Please also review the writing rubric for this assignment. Your grade for this essay will be based on (1) responsiveness to the prompt; (2) command of the subject matter; (3) Grammar/Mechanics/Organization/Structure/ Transitioning; (4)use of the primary sources and (5) adherence to the MLA guidelines and the criteria established by the rubric found in the attachments.

I will also include in attachments some of the primary sources needed to be used in the paper. At least 3 of them must be used in writing the paper.

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