Theories of motivation

Theories of motivation


Chapters 5 & 6- Study Motivation

Case 6A: Perfect Pizzeria, or Not? (found in your text).

Case Analysis and Posts:

Part I:

Analyze the case choosing two (2) theories from Column A and one (1) from Column B to focus your initial analysis. Post these as 3 distinct paragraphs, clearly labelled with the theory name. Write an analysis paragraph or two on each (how does this theory show up in the case?) Label this section Part I.

Column A

Column B

Maslow\’s Hierarchy of Needs Model

Equity Theory of Motivation

Herzberg’s Two-Factor Model

Expectancy Theory

Acquired Needs Theory

Goal-Setting Theory

Emotional Drives or Needs Model

(intentionally blank)

Part II:

Then, study the motivational performance management tools in Chapter 6. There are many good tools to learn about in this whole chapter. Think about which of these tools and approaches will best help Perfect Pizzeria in each of the 3 areas you choose to focus on in Part I of the assignment.

Choose at least 1 to recommend for each of the three distinct theories you discussed previously (that equals 3 tools or approaches, one for each theory in Part I). Write Part II (1-2 paragraphs) explaining why, in your academic analysis, that technique is a good choice as it relates to your previous theory discussion.

State clearly and succinctly why it’s a good choice. Here\’s an example (though I do not expect to see this in your analysis!): If you discussed Herzberg\’s Two-Factor theory, forms of pay changes might be motivational to correct hygiene factors. Hint: why?)

Label this section of your one post, Part II.

Respond to Others:

Post thoughtful content-related responses to 2 of your group mates.

Assignment Assessment:

Your work is evaluated using the Discussion Rubric attached to this assignment (also always available in Course Home-Rubrics). Demonstrate your understanding of chapter concepts and how they apply to the case. This is case analysis. Estimated initial discussion posts should be thorough and between 600 -700 words to do an adequate job.

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