Volkswagen Unique Ethical Situation

Details: unethical issues that Volkswagen’s software engineers neglected to admit the rigging of the emissions test to make a profit. The Dilemma: In September 2015 Volkswagen was accused by the (EPA) Environment Protection Agency of a huge ethical dilemma going back to the year of 2009. The EPA’s findings link well over 11 million vehicles worldwide, and roughly 482,000 within the United States, that now have the so-called defeat device installed. This device has been found to maneuver around the carbon dioxide emissions levels test to give a positive result on emissions of a vehicle. This device allowed engines to disburse pollutants 40 times the amount that is allowed in the United States which could hurt the overall health of the environment in upcoming years. As we all know it’s not the customer’s fault that the software was illegally installed into these vehicles, but everyone would love to know the consequences to what happens when a major corporation like Volkswagen gets caught cheating on a big scale. Ethical Theories: I will use the theory of Aristotle’s Ethics of Character to focus on the engineer’s morals and duty obligations to the consumers, stockholders. I will be using the Consequentialism Theory to show what consequences the organization has faced doing to their moral values and obligations, of not telling the truth. This is the feedback I got from the professor. Good subject. So what is the ethical issue? Is it a corporation’s lack of honesty and integrity or corporate moral values? The dilemma has to have a choice, like who found out about the situation and what moral issues he/she had to deal with in trying to decide to be a whistleblower. Or from the corporate standpoint. Do we recall all these vehicles, or see if we can get away with it? So a good subject but you have to work the dilemma into it. Use any theory you guys want just make it great please and thanks.

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